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August 20, 2004



I think what people do to their pets is at times barbaric. Between pet owners being irresponsible enough not to have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered, resulting in annually 100s of thousands of new strays to be coldly put down by the a. control services, and the treatment many pets receive when they fail to "live up" to their owners expectations for them, its revolting.

My family is in the main comprised of "pet people", we've always had at least a couple of dogs, generally a bird and the requisite middle america aquarium. Our pets have always been considered members of the family. Not that long ago my mother shelled out 4,800 dollars to have a growth removed from the inner ear of our 10yr old (at the time) toy poodle. The vet outright told her she was "wasting her money". I hit the roof. Lady, the poodle in question has been a loving companion to everyone in our family, and I consider it money more than well-spent. She turned 16 this yr, sure she's slower than she used to be, doesn't see really well, and gets a little confused at times, but I'm sure I won't be in much better shape when I'm the equivelant 112yrs old!

Anyways, I was sorry to hear about your friends dog. I'm terribly sorry to hear the poor animal is going to be put to sleep. If we hadn't just added a new pet to the family I'd take him myself. (We sprung another poodle from a lunatic old lady who thought dogs were moving targets to throw stuff at)

I really hope everything works out. :)

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