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I grew up loving books and planning to be a writer. Many years later, an extremely twisted path that included ski racing, geology, dance, analytical chemistry, engineering, and martial arts, has led me to a career which features in large part writing. Go figure. I live in Colorado with my cat and my two dogs, and spend as much time with my boyfriend as possible, an intriguing man who challenges me in all the best ways.

For those of you who worry about such things, I'm a woman in my 30's. Nobody in my real life knows my age either (except maybe my family). I always say, it's due to that aura of immaturity I cultivate.

Is that drawing me? No. Let's just say it's the me I used to want to be, sometimes think I am, and sometimes, am grateful that I am not.


Shotokan karate, writing of all types, cats, dogs, art and philosophy. Oh yeah, and earthquakes. Tornadoes. Big freakin' acts of Nature that show us how small we are.