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November 17, 2004



I had a Government teacher who found out the real differance between Liberal and Conservative. It was explained in ten core beliefs that were differant for the Liberal or the Conservative. His list was the best because it didn't label people but the ideas. All I can remember was the first one on the list (I'm looking for a new copy).

1. People are fundamently good and should be has free as possible to live their lives.

1. People are flawed... moral control and high standards are needed (I forgot some...something like that).

If I had too say some one was Liberal it would be Jesus for: forgiveness, kindness, and freedom. If I had to say someone was Conservative it would be God for: morals, judgement, and demanding of faith/belief.

Remember there was a list of ten for each... and I only know I got the first Liberal one right. The list was a guide to show that most people aren't really all Liberal or Conservative. It is the name calling and the lack of understanding the diffences in others that is the problem... This is why that list could be really important.

Angel Zee

My only problem when people begin to dissect liberal vs. conservative is I usually find my own viewpoint swept under the carpet... what about Conservatives who aren't Christians? Many "conservative" viewpoints don't represent mine, simply becuase I'm Jewish, not Christian. I look at things differently.
Lately, with the shifts in the parties, what they stood for and etc... I'm becoming a Republicrat. My viewpoints aren't changing... but what the American Parties represent are changing.

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