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January 12, 2006


Angel Zee

wow.. I'm really sorry you have had to deal with all this nonsense. Makes all my problems seem insignificant.

If I could, I'd trade with you for a day, to remove all that from you. If you really have scatterd those memories to the wind... how liberating that must feel!



That's kind of shitty, isn't it?

First time here. I've seen your other blog though.

Well... It's good that you found closure. It's what we all want.

Hope your next/new job is better. Didn't quite catch if you were employed or on a new job.

Either way. Sure, people like religions. They're a kind of conscience. Who doesn't want to be happy/perfect/good in all spheres of life? Religions have benefits. I believe that would there not have been religions, the world would be quite another thing. The human mind, when left on it's own is quite a scary thing. Defenders of virtue? lies spreaders? Only history will tell.

Don't you wish everyone followed those ideals to the letter? As in karate-do. Still, there are senseis that steal or lie. Senseis that just forget the way...

Being human is a life long struggle. And for some, adhering to those principles is a way of quieting their consciences.

Heck, I do mistakes myself. I assume the responsabilities when I do them...

Thankfully, there are other beings. And these dudes/gals make the day worth living. In the end, it's all that makes the difference. Was today worth living? No? What can I do to make tomorrow worth living?


Good day!

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