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May 22, 2007



Congratulations! Glad to hear your husband's nose is healing well, and a new baby girl is definitely enough to put inconsequential things like that jerk into perspective! My baby girl is now almost 10. Wow!

I try to tell my kids not to worry so much about the jerks that they run into. The way I see it, we have to deal with them upon occasion, but they can never escape themselves.


Hi not sure if this is the correct place for this question, but here it goes. my daughter has a bo very light weight wood no clear coat or sparkles or anything. I was wondering what kind of paint could I use to liven it up? i would hate to have paint chips flying around on the mats. also any stores that carry the reflective bo type tape that you know of thanks shawne in Janesvilee


Congratulations on your new little sweetheart. May she be blest with many joyfilled, busy, and peaceful moments. May you be blest with many good nights of sleep.

Take good care of yourself.


Congratulations on your latest addition and I best of luck with your husband's continued recovery!

Wichi Dude

Well Congratualtions. Been a bit since I last stopped in, sorry.

Hope you and the baby are doing fine. And by all means, heal first, then return to the dojo. But you knew this already.

Take care, and hope the hubbies nose heals well.

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