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November 15, 2007



I haven't visited your blog for awhile due to HOliday happenings... sorry.

I was one who did the training, testing, tournament circle, too, in my early years of karate. I can understand the philosophy that you have written up here. There is much positive pressure placed upon you by the desire to look good in both a test, or tournament. Also, you do learn to train differently for the demands of each playing field.

However, my karate path has changed drastically now. My recent dojo does not participate in tournaments. Testing is infrequent.. so all that I have now is Training for training's sake. I have found that I'm still motivated within, but it's a different kind of motivation. I do not seek to get the next belt rank, or win the next medal, but only to improve myself at each class. Karate has become a daily challenge now. :-) This works for me.


Oh.. if I do not get back here before Christmas hits, I would like to wish you, and those you love a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. May the year 2008 bring you good training, no injuries, and much success in your goals!!


I've just experienced my first tournament and tomorrow have my second grading. I'm not sure which I prefer. I enjoy them both on different levels but feel that I don't have enough experience of either, at the moment to really form an opinion.

I'm enjoying your blog and hope your husbands nose gets better soon.

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