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July 16, 2008


Lisa (aka Martial Arts Mom)

Hi, I checked out BBM's blogroll and happened upon your first post in all this time. How great for me! Sounds like you have had some exciting things going on as of late. Having a baby sure does that to a household, doesn't it? Do what you can and enjoy both aspects of your lives. I wish my hubby would do martial arts with me, but he has no interest. Kudos to you for kicking together and sticking together! And congrats on the new addition!


I like the concept of karate as a constant. You are right ... it is reliable. When I have a rough day, spending time in the dojo helps me through it.


Having our daughter has been an incredible adventure and more fun than I could have dreamed possible, but the concept of "regular schedule" is laughable! She wreaks havoc with plans, to the point where we just don't bother to make them most of the time. As soon as we realized it wasn't important, we quit stressing on it and it's all good.

The concept of the dojo as a place of almost refuge, of constancy, came to me as I was laughing with a friend over how nothing in my life is what it used to be. Karate, however, remains. People have come and gone, my body has changed through the course of my 12+ years of training, my perspective has matured, but karate itself remains an anchor point, one of several around which I have structured my life.

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